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Luxury flats for sale in Tirunelveli

Posted on 10 Feb 2022


Luxury flats for sale in Tirunelveli

If you are planning to buy an apartment or Flats in Tirunelveli then you have made the right decision. Investment in real estate can help you to yield good returns in the future. If you are planning to buy an apartment then consider the factors that are given below before you go with one project. Factors such as the location of the workplace, the location of the school, and the community are extremely important choosing your property. The article will discuss some of the crucial factors that would help you to decide the best flat to buy in Tirunelveli.

Important things that you should keep in mind before buying a flat

There is no doubt in the fact that investing in a new house or flat is the best decision of your life. A lot of savings and planning is needed when you are looking to invest in real estate. Check out the important things to remember before you buy a flat and apartment.

Price of the property

The most important thing is to fix a budget when you are looking to step into the luxury flats in Tirunelveli journey. If you are looking for a 2BHK apartment then you can compare the price of the property with the surrounding builders to get an idea of whether the real estate agent has offered you a genuine quotation or not. There are also other ways to compare the price of the property in your area like portal listing, brokers of the area, newspaper extra. You can take help from such sources to determine whether you've got a genuine quotation or not.

The carpet area of the flat

People get confused between carpet area and property area. For your information carpet area is also known as a super built-up area that comprises an area that includes shaft elevator space, stairs, wall thickness, and other things. However, when we are talking about carpet area it is the actual area in between the walls of the flat. The carpet area can be 30% less than the super built-up area and it's an important factor to calculate the price of the property based on the carpet area.

Record of the land

Land record is very important as your flat is built in that area. Do your research about the quality of the soil and topography as the house is constructed on that length. It is extremely crucial to note that the plot is clear from all dues and is properly registered. Before you zero down on the house you should check the title deed and also verify it properly. You can get all the details in the title deed and the ownership and authorization towards the real estate property.

Legal check of the property

Before you buy new premium flats for sale in Tirunelveli you should have a legal check of the property. You should ensure that the property is legally authorized to be constructed on the land it stands on. The developers must have approvals from the development area, the water supply, and sewerage boards.

How ARK builders can help you in finding a luxury flat for sale in Tirunelveli

If you are looking for luxury flats then ARK builders are the one-stop solution. Whether you are looking for plots, 1 BHK apartment, 2 BHK apartment, or 3 BHK apartment ARK builders have all options open for you. They have completed residential, industrial and institutional projects and have satisfied the needs of the customer in many ways. Since their inception, they have delivered a large-scale project of a high standard. With an experience of 30 years, ARK builders are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and unique design.

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