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Posted on 19 Sep 2020

Home loan interest fall 15 years low

From the recent Business news and the RBI orders, the home loan borrowers will get an additional cut on the interest over the loan. It means the borrowers will have to pay less interest on their home loan for the three months of the pandemic. The interest rates have been reduced by 40 basis points equal to the 100 bps for one percentage point. An overall of 7% of interest is needed to pay for the home loans by the borrowers. This is the least level of the interest rate in 15 years. 

 Due to the pandemic, the RBI has consulted and is helping to Secure the Income of the borrowers. As the three months of the total lockdown, the companies are cutting down the staff's fees and balancing this situation; the RBI has taken this decision. The uncertainty of the Income in this pandemic the home loan borrowers are getting three month moratorium, and therefore this is the best time to invest in the housing sector. 

Here are some critical questions that have come up. The below sections give practical reasons for it.

What is the level of low home interest rate?

The score of the clients is indirectly proportional to the interest rate. This means that if the score counts down, the interest rate will automatically go up. At the current stage, the Loan interest rates have come down below 7%, depending upon the amount of loan borrowed. Previously borrowers are unable to opt for a loan if their score was below 621. But at the current stage, 621 points is the least score for filing a loan.

For home loan borrowers having a score of 621, the rate of interest for the loan is fixed to 5.021%. This is the lowest level in the 15 years, and therefore borrowers with at least a 621 score can avail for loans. 

What is the current home loan interest?

The current home loan interest is below 8%, which is the least in the 15 years. The country did not experience such a fall until now, as the pandemics have increased the salaried citizens' uncertainty. The borrowers with 30 lakhs loan need to pay only 7.94% of the total loan per month because the national GDP is at stake. For home loan below Rs 30 lakh, the current home loan interest rate is below 7% that gives a vast opportunity for several borrowers of the housing sector to invest. 

Are there chances of decreasing home loan interest in 2020?

According to the RBI, the repo rate is at a constant level in August. This is the latest monetary policy of the Bank home loan interest rate in Jan 2020, and all banks need to abide by the rules of RBI. The National Housing Bank is provided more than Rs 5000 crore. This will help in re-establishing the banks and have better control over the GDP.

This is the first time in the 15 years that the housing interest rate is below 8 percent. One of the most significant moves approved by the RBI will help make the country stable. The India Bank home loan interest rates are lower than 7% on loans lower than 30 lakhs.  

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